Contents of the Past Issues of the Journal of Indological Studies

Numbers 30&31 (2018–2019)

Mieko KAJIHARA. The Sacred Verse Sāvitrī in the Vedic Religion and Beyond. 1–36.

Bill M. MAK. Bhaṭṭotpala and Scientific Learning in Tenth Century Kashmir. 37–64.

Akane SAITO, Bheda as a Thing’s Nature in Maṇḍanamiśra’s Brahmasiddhi. 65–98.

Masamichi SAKAI. Antarvyāpti and Antarvyāptivāditva: Arcaṭa on the Buddhist Inference of Momentariness and Durvekamiśra’s Comparison of him with Dharmottara. 99–128.

Kenji TAKAHASHI. Reconsidering the Developments of the Accounts of Creation and Dissolution in Mānavadharmaśāstra 1 and Mahābhārata 12.224–225. 129ff.

Number 29 (2017)